One Stone Drops

Amber Jali Silver Earrings

CODE: S30002

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Vintage chic is the order of the day in these pendulous creations which incorporate ever popular amber with hand-carved curls and a diamond shape. Team with vintage threads for a look straight from the House of Elliot. Bag the matching pendant for a full set.

Bali Silver Earrings

CODE: S30005Ci

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A beautiful, sleek design inspired by the form of the sitting Buddha, it graduates from a base oval up to a tapered point. We can almost see the practitioner sitting with his hands held above his head, palms touching, in meditative state. Hopefully you will feel equally serene when sporting a pair of these beautiful earrings.

Bejewelled Corkscrew Silver Earrings

CODE: S30006E

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Contemporary abstract silver twist embellished with a 5mm square stone positioned at a jaunty angle. Reversible design.

Bollywood Silver Earrings

CODE: S30007

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The Bollywood really shows off the skills of our Nepalese silversmiths as it incorporates tiny hand carved filigree curls in each earring. The curls are centred around a 3mm circular cut stone for added bling.

Dalmations Silver Earrings

CODE: S30010

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These simple earrings are formed from dalmation jasper which has been set in bevel edged silver.

Egypt Silver Earrings

CODE: S30013D

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Inspired by the angular form of hieroglyphics this earring is formed from an inverse V set with a marquise cut stone.

Evelyn Silver Earrings

CODE: S30015C

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A single oval stone is suspended between two S-shaped curls. This is a really versatile earring AND we have a matching pendant.

Feather Wing Silver Earrings

CODE: S30016KK

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The hand carving on these earrings is what makes each pair unique. Solid silver ‘wing’ is embellished with feathery strokes and a hand carved curl detail. Perfect for a special event.

Hoopla Silver Earrings

CODE: S30021S

In stock
The inner and outer hoops are plain silver with a tiny oval tiger's eye stone set in the inner hoop.

Khukuri Silver Earrings

CODE: S30022DD

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This earring combines a traditional Nepalese shape, 'khukuri', with the traditional Nepalese technique of ‘jali’ (filigree) carving to create a stand out, statement pair of earrings. One of our reversible designs – you can wear each earring in either ear creating two different looks.