Silver Earrings: No Stones

EleFlower Silver Stud Earrings

CODE: S30034

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Ele’s nickname is ‘EleFlower’ and you can be one too with a pair of these super hand carved silver studs.  They have five petals and are guaranteed to make you bloom on even the dullest of days!

Flutterby Silver Earrings

CODE: S30017K

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An exquisite silver butterfly finely detailed in tracery silver has two silver rod ‘tail’ dangles. Great fun to wear, our flutterbys are ideal for sunny days as the wings catch the light and shimmer.

I Heart Silver Stud Earrings

CODE: S30035

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Introducing a heart-shaped stud which shows off the fact that all of our jewellery is handmade. It doesn't look too uniform, as though it had been machine made or stamped out. The result is a quirky unique design which is so wearable.

Little Dragonfly Silver Stud Earrings

CODE: S30032M

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Beautifully detailed double winged dragonfly stud. A pretty and unusual earring for Spring and Summer days. Made in high quality silver these earrings have a secure butterfly clasp. We've seen dragonflies on the water; now see them nestling on your ears! Matching pendant and brooch available.

Tiny Dancer Silver Earrings

CODE: S30042I

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Guaranteed to brighten up a dull day these happy little ladies are created from flowing fluid lines to emphasize the idea of movement. With their miniskirts and quirky up-dos our tiny dancers will definitely get you noticed.