Beaded Felt Flower Brooch

CODE: F20013

In stock
Five rounded, gathered petals with glass beads are joined together around a pompom centre.

Dinky Double Flower Felt Brooch

CODE: F20011

In stock
The dinky flower has two layers of rounded contrasting petals joined with a pompom centre. We also have a matching pair of dinky double flower hairclips.

Felt Chubby Beaded Edge Flower Brooch

CODE: F20022

In stock
A beautiful flower formed from squished fat circles of felt edged with multicoloured beads and joined by a pompom centre.

Triple Flower Felt Brooch

CODE: F20012

In stock
Three toning colours are used in this triple flower brooch. The 5 flat petal flowers are handmade, blanket stitched and beaded with a pompom centre.

Triple Layer Felt Flower Brooch

CODE: F20027

In stock
Three layers of different sized felt petals are secured by toning pompom to a safety pin.